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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Evil Angel: John Stagliano

Wow. They're railroading John Stagliano, the creator of Buttman Magazine and impresario of the Evil Angel porn empire?

My boyfriend, a voracious porn consumer, turned me on to Stagliano five years ago. He'd long been a fan, and he showed me Buttman. I immediately fell in love. "Let me see that one!" I'd say, intrigued by, say, a cover sporting two latex-clad, big- breasted "nuns", in a stack of other porn my boyfriend collected. When we were courting, my boyfriend quickly learned that the way to my heart was to buy me a copy of Buttman on his way to my house.

The first porn video my boyfriend lent me from his collection was Stagliano's Fashionistas. I got so horny I had to peel down my panties and finger-fuck myself while I watched. Fashionistas is about a secret club where anything goes. As you watch the film, you enter to see prowling, cat-like, black latex-clad girls in cages, then meet the stunningly beautiful Belladonna, watch the girls engage in some delicious BDSM, and then view nordic god Rocco Siffredi as he joins the party, his massive dick sliding in and out of some of the most beautiful pussies and asses in porn. Way to introduce yourself, big boy!

As I got to know Stagliano's work, I started to become aware of just how ground-breaking and female-loving it was. How many porn producers sensualize a stunningly beautiful pregnant woman? When, in his films, Belladonna does her girl-girl dildo-ass-fucking scenes, she is a full woman and the embodiment of sexuality: the Madonna and the whore, just as we real women are.

Stagliano's camera loves women. His work is unlike any other porn I've ever seen. The women are beautiful: they have big, round asses, ripe tits, and sensuous, curvaceous bodies. There's such a contrast between Stagliano's beauties and the stick-figure porn standard-fare! His movies make me proud to have my Titianesque physique.

This is the man the government is targeting to discredit porn and impose censorship on us all? The prosecution in this case will try to show that Stagliano's work is obscene and should be censored. If they succeed, Stagliano would face up to 32 years in prison. It's absurd that they're even bringing this case to court, but that such a man as this would be the subject of such charges is the height of irony. He's one of the very few porn producers truly celebrating the beauty and sensuality of women's bodies.

John: Thank you for your wonderful porn. You are a ground-breaker and a American hero for those of us working to build a sex-positive world. We stand behind you, let us know how we can help you, and thank you for fighting for our freedom.

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Wendy Blackheart said...

I've always been a Buttman Fan - I mean, dude, we both love asses, how could I not be?

It always pisses me off when I see the gov't trying to get porn labeled obscene, especially such *good* porn as this - it shows they really don't get it.

I'll still never figure out WTF is up with us as a country - porn is evil and bad and destroying everything, but hey, all this crazy violence on the TV and such is fine, that won't affect kids at all! (Not that I'm saying those things cause kids to be violent, but I'm pretty sure I'd rather have my kids see two people having sex before seeing two people trying to kill each other in a realistic way.)